Your Vacation Dental Plan

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It is winter.

Many of us take holidays during the winter season. Something to escape the cold and the rain.

We know the idea of worrying about your oral health as you’re planning your sun soaked destination seems a little over the top. But hear us out. This is the inside track on how to make certain your oral health doesn’t interfere with your fun in the sun.

See Your Dentist Before You Fly

If your bi annual check up is due after you return or you are feeling some tooth pain or even have a bit of concern, see your dentist before you travel. This way if you have any dental issues pending they won’t become uncomfortable when you’re trying to relax by the pool. Also if you haven’t had the pleasure of flying with a root canal then you don’t know how excruciating it can be. The change in air pressure is disaster on an abscess tooth. If there is uncertainty about your tooth pain that cannot be resolved before you leave, ask your dentist to prescribe some antibiotics and pain killers that you can take with you. So why gamble and maybe have to suffer through your vacation in pain or go through the awkwardness of seeing a new dentist in a foreign land. Not all dentists are trained to deal with anxiety or even have good bedside manners. So book an appointment with your tried and true dentist and make certain you’re healthy before jetting off.

Dry those Bristles

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, when you’re travelling, you’ll want to put your toothbrush away wet. Give it a good cold rinse and a tap on the side of the sink to get all food particles out. Please do not: dry it with a blow dryer or a paper towel. This way bacteria won’t grow in amongst the bristles in your travel case. A toothbrush cover is always available at the looney stores.

Got a Toothbrush Will Travel

Keep your oral health kit handy in your carryon bag. This way you’ll be able to freshen up under any circumstances. Nothing helps you feel put together like a freshened mouth. You might not be able to jump in a shower, but you’re mouth needn’t suffer. At least put your toothbrush in the carryon if space is limited. Don’t feel embarrassed to brush your teeth in a public bathroom. People are probably envious that you have a toothbrush.

Also set up your travel kit with all your favourites: toothpaste, travel toothbrush, floss, soft picks, xylitol candy for dry mouth and mouthwash if you like. Everything is available in small travel sizes now. It’s an added incentive to care for your oral health when you bring some flavours of home.

Most electric toothbrushes hold their charge for a very long time so you can bring the electric toothbrush without the charger. However, the tossing around inside your luggage will accidentally push the button and you will arrive at the vacation home with an electric toothbrush that is totally discharged. Try to buy an electric toothbrush with a carrying case or find a hard case at the looney store. Bringing your electric toothbrush guarantees that you will have a better clean. It is also easier to use when you come in from a night of revelry at the all inclusive.

Some key ingredients to your travel kit should be:

• Advil and extra strength Tylenol combined can be very effective if you have dental pain

• Extra ortho wax for your braces

• If you might have an infection, your dentist can prescribe antibiotics.

• Disposable toothbrushes are a good idea in case you can’t get to your full oral health kit.

• Any regular medications, small first aid kit, and a sewing kit, a couple of small zip lock bags

Vacation Fun is More than Snacks!

Although vacations are a great time to live it up, keep hydrated and choose healthy snacks. There’s no reason for your health to take too much of a hit! Healthy snacks of nuts, fruit and veggies are always easy on the run! Mix your own before you go. That way, you cut costs and you can choose lower sugar dried fruit and lower sodium nuts. In fact for a bigger health kick, mix your regular salted nuts with raw nuts.

Now get out of here! Enjoy yourselves knowing that your oral health isn’t going to stop your fun!

Don’t Let Your Dental Plan Go to Waste!

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Truth: 95% of dental plans financial limits end December 31st. What does this mean to you? It means that you may be missing out.

You may be missing a year of benefits that you could have used up. If you have a few treatments scheduled, getting some completed in 2015 means that there will be a full year of benefits to use in 2016.

Many people never use their insurance benefit. Sometimes they don’t have a habit of visiting the dentist and sometimes it is due to high anxiety.

For those who prefer to be treated through sedation, it is covered by most insurances. To be certain of the coverage the dental office would send in a preauthorization form. The answers come back sometimes in a few days and sometimes in a few weeks. Due to the privacy act, many insurances will only send the information of the approval just to the patients. Every insurance policy is different.

Here is another truth. Did you know that if you have coverage for a cleaning every 9 months, this does NOT mean that you are eligible for a cleaning only every 9 months. Most plans are broken into two categories. The plans are written to allow polish, fluoride and an exam every 6 or 9 months. However most plans have more room for tartar removal which is the hygiene treatment that really keeps your gums healthy.

What you need to look up on your plan is how many units of tartar removal you have allowable. This is usually called scaling or root planing. The average dental plan allows from 4 units to 16 units. What does that mean to you? Every time you go in for a cleaning with your hygienist, the average units used is two to three units. You could come and use the other available units of tartar removal and use up the allowable units every 4 months or 6 months as you need. Tartar removal helps maintain the health of gums, and prevents bone loss. Regular tartar removal encourages less bacteria build up and can help gums to reattach. Some people build up tartar faster and may have more gum problems. It is not just personal hygiene. It could be your chemical makeup in your saliva, or if you are taking medications that keep your mouth drier. So it is smart to look up your coverage for tartar removal and use the coverage appropriately.

This extra dental care is even more important for pregnant women who should see their dentist every three months. Hormones during pregnancy can significantly damage gums and the extra bacteria that accumulates can be detrimental to the health of the baby. If you are past the age of 65, you also might require more oral health assistance than every six months. Added medication can dry your mouth which leads to faster decay. You may need more than your dental plan provides, so understanding your plan is very important. In the end, dental insurances are there to help and provide more but they are not there to provide the treatment that you require.

Your dental office, has the experience with all different kinds of insurance coverage. Although you are ultimately responsible for your fees and your dental insurance, you can count on your clinic to do their best to help you decipher what is covered and will work with you to maximize your dental coverage. If you want to use your plan and not lose it for the year, call the dental office sooner than the end of December. Some treatments need to be preauthorized and that takes time.

You’re probably covered for more than you think, so choose health. You’ll be glad you did.

Sugar: The Sweet & Silent Killer

Although we think you’re sweet enough, we also understand that avoiding all sugar is pretty impossible. In our North American diet we are quite used to imbibing more sugar than we really should. The nice thing is there are a lot of sugar alternatives to help you get that hit of sweet without the extra calories or teeth damaging affects. _Sugar is known to cause your joints and liver to swell. It blocks the absorption of minerals and nutrients. Sugar is a silent killer, according to Vaughn Lawrence, Natruopath & HerbalistSucre_blanc_cassonade_complet_rapadura. Since life is so full of sweet things and we can’t live without some, the only question is, which sugar is best for you?

Toothbrush Confidential has waded through all the data and have constructed this guide to help you decide which sweetener is right for you. Remember all sweeteners should be imbibed in minimal amounts and are best when enjoyed with water and a tooth brushing afterwards. Now let’s get into the sweet!

  1. Sugar – Regular table sugar is the standard in most home baking and coffee shops. This kind of sugar, contains no nutritional value, will spike your blood sugar and feed the bacteria in your mouth that creates cavities. Try to limit in daily life and substitute with one of the sugar options below!

2. Coconut Sugar – is full of minerals and nutrients, it lands lower on the glycemic index and has less fructose than regular sugar. But it has the same amount of calories as regular sugar.

3. Maple Syrup – 100% pure maple syrup, tapped from maple trees is the kind we’re talking about here. The ingredients list should read: Maple Syrup. That’s it. Maple Syrup is sweet, contains antioxidants and is 70% sucrose. Why do you care about that? Sucrose does not up your blood sugar or trigger diabetes the way Fructose might. Fructose is still in maple syrup so it should still be eaten in limited amounts.

4. Agave Syrup – A year or two ago it was the go to sweetener. Much sweeter than regular sugar, you don’t need as much but it is full of fructose and as we mentioned above that’s something you want to avoid.

5. Stevia – Used for years as a natural sweetener, grown directly from the Stevia plant. Stevia will not boost your blood sugar or feed the bacterial in your mouth that causes cavities. A win for sweetness! Unfortunately some people find stevia in it’s natural form to be a bit bitter and in it’s lab created version, like all fake sugars can create a craving for more sweetness.

6. Xylitol, Erythritol and other sugar alcohols – All these sugars will not boost your blood sugar. They taste pretty great and will not create cavities. It seems that the bacteria in the mouth that are causing cavities are unable to digest xylitol, therefore their growth is greatly reduced. The number of acid-producing bacteria may fall as much as 90%. No acid is formed because the pH of saliva and plaque does not fall. After taking xylitol, the bacteria do not stick well on the surface of the teeth and as a result, the amount of plaque decreases. There are a number of products with xylitol, they should still be consumed with some limits however since the long term affects on your overall health have not been fully studied.

7. Monk Fruit – Used for decades in China to battle diabetes, Monk Fruit will not boost your blood sugar, has no calories and is full of antioxidants,the clear winner in our studies. The sugar created form isn’t the best for baking, but will sweeten your coffee.

8. Brown Rice Syrup – Contains no nutrients but also no fructose! It won’t up your blood sugar and can be used instead of maple syrup.

Overall Toothbrush Confidential has to side with our dentists. Limit the amount of sugar and choose fresh fruit and veggies over sugar laden treats. And if you are going to indulge, wash it down with water and make certain to brush your teeth afterwards. Life is too full of wonderful sweets that we cannot live without … so here is the challenge to create with a better choice of sugar.

Who Wants to be a Vampire?

Win Vampire Fangs JenniferEvery year the search for the perfect Halloween costume is always a struggle. Between managing cost, weather, and how much fun you’ll have dressed in a box to be Sponge Bob Square Pants, it can be a frustrating endeavour. Can you believe Willow Dental Care wants to help you out? Giving back. It’s what we do.

Whether you’re a True Blood or a Vampire Diaries fan or a fan of the 1922 film Nosteratu, Vampires are a staple of Halloween and have captured our imagination.

But what if  you could actually have real Vampire Fangs created by your dentist? The rest of your costume would be easy and weather friendly.  Imagine the fun at work!  and the Halloween parties! The crutch of your costume would be taken care of by us: Real Vampire Fangs!

Each Willow Dental Care clinic is offering 1 set of Vampire Fangs for someone for Halloween.    Must be 18 years or older to qualify.


What does this include?

* Cosmetic Fangs created right on your teeth

* Completely Safe and Pain free

* 100% Reversible (winning also includes removal)

* Just for fun

* Value over $400

* Custom Designed for you by our Willow Dentists

* No anesthetic required

What do you have to do to win?

1x Ballot Stop by any Willow Dental Care  office

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Draw Date: October 15th 2015

7 Habits of Great Oral Health

wdc 7 HabitsWith everything you do to take such good care of your overall health, here are 6 new habits that will make you healthier without a lot of effort.

Drinking Sugary Drinks

Like those fancy coffee drinks?  People often sip them slowly and through a straw, so the sugar slowly coats their teeth. As Heidi, Willow Vancouver Hygienist, points out “Sugary drinks can cause cavities in between the front teeth.”

Habit Shift: Choose healthier drinks like green tea or a sugar free beverage.  Or carry a toothbrush and/or floss and take a 20 second health break some time during the day.

Chewing Ice Cubes

Sure it can be satisfying. But chewing ice can damage your teeth’s enamel, fracture the edges of your tooth or any dental work you may have or simply create thin fracture lines in your teeth. Although slight, these small changes in your tooth structure could allow bacteria to accumulate.

Habit Shift: Chew on crunchy vegetables like carrots or celery. They can clean your teeth, provide you nutrients and water and help keep you healthy!

Brushing Your Teeth Too Enthusiastically

We know you love your teeth and want to keep them healthy but brushing too aggressively with bristles that are too firm may be causing damage.  Brushing the wrong way can also wear down your teeth and create receding gums which in turn causes sensitivities.

Habit Shift: Always buy a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush in smooth circles. Think that you are massaging your gums.  The teeth will just get cleaned.   Buy an electric toothbrush.  The brush rotates in an exact motion and there is less wear on your teeth and gums. 

Use your Teeth as a Tool

We’ve all done it. Ripped into a bag of chips or some other snack with your teeth and you felt   part of the packaging graze your gums. Cracking open seeds or nut shells with your teeth. And the worst as pointed out by Krista, 200 Street Dental manager, trying to open a bottle with your teeth. All these activities can cause far more damage than the joy of the snack or drink will deliver.

Habit Shift: Use the proper tool. Keep your teeth for the important stuff like biting into a crisp apple or chewing a bite of steak.

Biting Nails

We all hate that we do it. It makes your nails look terrible and you look insecure. But your fingernails are also carry germs, so in biting you’re introducing that bacteria to enter your body. Also you risk causing your teeth to shift or break or even crack.

Habit Shift:

Try one of those bad tasting nail polishes that will retrain you to not be interested in biting your nails. Snacking on crisp veggies might help the oral fixation as well.


Chewing or smoking, both are terrible for your oral health. Tobacco reduces blood flow to your gums which will put you at higher risk for periodontal disease. It also decreases saliva flow which can lead to more tooth decay. And then there’s oral cancer.

Habit Shift: will help you. And your hygienist will cheer you on. You can do it!

How easy was that? Keep an eye on Toothbrush Confidential for the insider track to your oral health.

The Secret to your Child’s Dental Health

IMG_20150702_101637Are you happily sun-kissed and water-logged from the long hot playful days with your kids? Looking for any “shade activities”? This has been a record hot summer. Here is a thought. Why not take your kids to their 6 month dental check up before they go back to school? OK we feel your exaggerated eye roll, but give us a chance.

One thing that the office will do that you can’t do, is teach the kids how to take care of their own teeth. Every time you go into our office, your child is trained on brushing and for the right age they are given lessons on flossing. Kids listen better about brushing when it is not mom or dad. As you know this is especially true as they get closer to being a teenager. We see the kids puff up with pride when they know they are cavity free. After their dental visit they are a bit more motivated to brush and this regular check up time teaches them from an early age to take pride in their smile. Bring in your 2-4 year old too since their first check up at our office is Free!

If you have a young 9 to 12 year old with pretty crowded teeth or already a noticeable overbite, this may be time to start some orthodontic interventions. There are things like a palatal expansion appliances, that helps to make room for the teeth. Sometimes this can eliminate full orthodontic treatment later but sometimes it does not. It will however cut down the time and intensity of full ortho and therefore the cost since the more complex the treatment, the more expensive the treatment.

Do you have a teen that is graduating this year or next year? They need to look their best at prom. It is the most important time for any teenager, a passage of life. Teen Invisalign works! It may be less expensive than you think and most dental insurance with ortho coverage will cover any child under 19. At our office, you can take advantage of the special on Invisalign with interest free monthly payments. It is possible your teen can perfect their smile for as little $199 a month. Find out with a Free Invisalign consult. There is still time for this coming year’s prom. A lot of movement can be accomplished but the sooner you start treatment the more chances that the smile is closer to perfection by next May 2016.

Empowering your child’s oral health might just benefit you as well, according to the Canadian Pediatric Society, Children who had early preventive dental visits were more likely to use preventive services subsequently and to incur lower dental-related costs over time. We know anything that can help a family’s pocket book is a good thing.

And the one thing more finite than money? Time. According to Health Canada _an estimated 2.26 million school-days and 4.15 million working-days are lost annually due to dental visits or dental sick-days._ We know that one six month check up during the summer won’t make a huge dent in those numbers, but if your kids do have cavities and need more appointments, why not get them done before your child needs to possibly miss school and you miss work.

What about grades? As Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC states: _Children who reported having recent tooth pain were four times more likely to have a low grade point average. Physical discomfort can’t make learning easy, but a lower grad point average due to oral health issues can have unnecessary long term effects._ We offer an easy side step, summer dental appointments. Make going to the dentist an easy fun experience, at least that’s our intention.

Your child’s oral health is taken care of, they’ve gotten out of the sun for a while and you can now relax knowing you’ve done your super parent duty. We can’t wait to see you. Book your summer appointments today!

Conscious Sedation – Is it for You?

Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

Do you have dental anxiety?  Have you put off dental treatment because you can’t stand the thought of going into a dental office? Do you have a touchy gag reflex? Or maybe you have a lot of work to get done? You might think that Conscious Sedation is only for extreme circumstances, but really it’s for everyone.   But what is it?

Conscious Sedation is the use of light sedation medication that will keep you completely unaware but still conscious enough to be in the driver’s seat. So you may sleep and again you may not.  One thing our experience tells us is that you will not remember much about the whole procedure.   You are in the driver seat in the sense that you have complete control of all your airways unlike General Anesthetics and if you are uncomfortable you can let the dentist know and there is a reversal agent that will terminate all the sedation effects instantly. This makes the process very safe.  At that point a sedation office would stop all work until you are ready again.  You have the controls.  The best part?  Not only will you not remember a thing but there is no anxiety, no stress about dental pain or a gag reflex.  And possibly, all your dental work can be completed in one session.   

Have you not been to the dentist in a long time? Conscious Sedation is great if you have a lot of work to get done and would like to finish it all in one appointment. This way the dentist can work for several hours and complete in one session what would have taken multiple appointments. Not only will that save you time but the anxiety of going to the dentist and sitting in one position for hours.

Finally if you gag easily, which is a reflex and not your fault, conscious sedation will relax you from the stress of having dental work done. So you stay calm…breathe and the reflex is not activated.  Conscious sedation makes your dental experience one you’re happy to forget.

Anxiety is a common when going to the dentist.  Often a memory of a terrible experience, the sound or the odor of the dental office will trigger anxiety. Or sometimes it’s the fear of being out of control, needle phobia.  Whatever it is, you are not alone. Dental anxiety is real. 

Within Canada, the most recent study shows that 5.5% are very afraid, and 9.8% are somewhat afraid. However, in Ontario, where numerous fear and anxiety studies surrounding dental treatment have been conducted, the literature displays a higher value at roughly 10-17%.   This situation has serious negative cycle effects that are evident in patients’ behaviour, including failed or postponed dental visits, lack of preventative care, and overall poor oral health ( Jonathan Campbell, DDS  2015-02-01  Oral Health Group)

Finding a clinic where all the staff understands this, is of the utmost importance.  The office should provide a safe and non-judgmental environment. Ask your dentist how they handle anxious patients. Make certain they make time to listen to your concerns and give you options.  It is NOT an option to “ just get over it”.   In the end, if the dental office is considerate and kind to high fear patients, they must be great with patients without fear.

To Sleep Before You Brush: How Bad Is It?

dreamstime_l_12593847We all know to brush our teeth before we go to bed. But missing this step does happen. But really, how bad is it? Is it as bad as smoking? Or sitting for too long? In the list of healthful things you should do everyday, where does falling asleep without a clean mouth land?

Well it is a process.  So going to bed without brushing,  can take months to years to have a really negative effect.  But just so you are aware, here are the steps in that process. 

Each time you eat, the bacteria in your mouth feasts on the sugars and debris left in your mouth. These bacteria then express (honestly it’s more like poop) the byproduct or as we said before,  poop into your mouth. This happens after everytime you eat because all food and liquids other than water, results in sugars.

This byproduct is acidic and eats away at your tooth enamel, creating tooth decay. While you sleep this acidic byproduct, which is referred to as plaque,  will begin to harden to your teeth. Once this happens you cannot clean it off yourself. You must go see your hygienist for a professional cleaning which is why you every 6 months for a professional cleaning. 

What if you don’t go for a cleaning? Well your body identifies the build up of plaque as an infection. Your immune system is activated and it begins to attack the infection, aka plaque.  This plaque in turn, destroys the tissue that holds your teeth in place. This is called gum disease. The gums pull away from your teeth which can eventually mean bone loss and your perfectly good teeth might fall out.

That is a little dramatic. Of course one night of accidentally falling asleep without brushing and flossing will not result in the loss of teeth. However if this is a habit and repeated over the years and combined with irregular professional tartar removal,  you can expect some bone and tooth loss in your fifties and sixties. Ultimately, if that is not worrying you, than continually challenging your immune system for years with gum disease is now shown to be directly linked to a multitude of problems like heart disease and cancer.

It’s not all dismal! Here are some handy tips if you’re too tired or don’t have a toothbrush on hand.

  1. Alcohol. If you’re spending the evening drinking anyways, make sure that the last things you consume are: a) swish some alcohol around your mouth before you swallow. This will kill some of the bacteria but still deposit sugar. b) Then swish some water to wash away the sugar around your mouth.
  2. Mouthwash. Too tired to brush? Mouthwash will kill some of the bacteria and you’ll feel better.
  3. No toothbrush? Rub your teeth with your finger or a clean facecloth to remove bacteria and sugar. Check out our other No Toothbrush Tips!
  4. Make a point of doing an extra better brush and floss first thing in the morning.
  5. Get an electric toothbrush.  You spend less energy and your teeth get brushed while half asleep.

Even a sloppy job of brushing and mouthwash once in a while will do you better than forgetting for a night.  Think of it this way when you are too tired at night, moving the bacteria around prevents those bugs from doubling in 24 hours. And you deserve good oral health.

5 Minutes Could Save Your Life

pierre2 (2)

We know that cancer is scary. It is the BIG C. You may not know it but Oral Cancer moves very quickly. Why? The truth is that oral cancer may already be developing in the mouth very subtly and painlessly. By the time signs of oral cancer are visibly detectable, by the lumps or colour changes in the mouth, the cancer is at a late stage.
According to the Canadian Cancer Foundation, it is estimated that in 2014, 4,300 Canadians will be diagnosed with oral cavity cancer. Of that 4300 people, over a quarter of those diagnosed will die from oral cavity cancer. Those lucky enough to beat this terrible disease, may live with constant reminders because their tongue or jaw or lip might need plastic surgical reconstruction after a life saving surgery has removed all the cancer.

As a beacon of hope, Michael Douglas famous actor and oral cancer survivor recorded this video message to educate the public. Smoking causes oral cancer? It does, but so can ill fitting dentures or partials, alcohol, or an injury in the mouth.

velscope-vx-how-it-worksWe are now seeing an increase of oral cancer in younger people who are non smokers. In fact the fastest growing group of oral cancer victims are non smoking young people. Why? It turns out oral cancer can be caused by the sexually transmitted HPV virus. It can lay dormant in your body for years and you may never experience oral cancer. HPV goes away by itself within two years and does not cause health problems. It is only when HPV stays in the body for many years that it might cause these oral cancers. –

We strongly believe that in a younger population of non smoking oral cancer patients, that HPV is presenting itself as the dominant causative factor, particularly in the oropharynx anatomical locations.Since the historic definition of those who need to be screened is now changed by this newly defined HPV etiology, and is no longer valid, it is NOT POSSIBLE to definitively know who is at risk for the development of the disease, and who is not. Simply stated, today ANYONE OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE ENGAGED IN SEXUAL BEHAVIORS WHICH ARE CAPABLE OF TRANSFERING THIS VERY UBIQUITOUS VIRUS NEEDS TO BE SCREENED ANNUALLY FOR ORAL CANCER.

_Oral Cancer_ Foundation:


Oral Cancer Signs and Symptoms:

This list considers both oral cancers from HPV and those from tobacco and alcohol
* An ulcer or sore that does not heal within 2-3 weeks
* Difficult or painful swallowing
* Pain when chewing
* A persistent sore throat or hoarse voice
* A swelling or lump in the mouth
* A painless lump felt on the outside of the neck, which has been there for at least two weeks.
* A numb feeling in the mouth or lips
* Constant coughing
* An ear ache on one side (unilateral) which persists for more than a few days.
– See more at:

How do you get the jump start on oral cancer? Have a 5 minute Oral Cancer Screening by your dentist once a year. It’s painless and probably the least invasive of any of your dental treatments. And the peace of mind it offers is priceless. Your dentist is trained to do a visual cancer screening of the oral cavity and now is assisted with a light called VelScope that is able to detect any unusual growth under the skin. Early detection before the cancer surfaces, would increase recovery to over 83%.

Here are a few others who’d battled oral cancer. Some have survived, some weren’t that lucky:

Aaron Spelling
Babe Ruth
Bruce Paltrow
Diane Von Furstenberg
Eddie Van Halen
George Harrison
Grover Cleveland
Humphrey Bogart
John Prine
Judy Holliday
Rod Stewart
Roger Ebert
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Sigmund Freud

Don’t join this list. Book your oral cancer screening today.


Need to Quit Smoking? Help is Here!

TFT_Quitting_is_tough_but_I_am_tougher_martial_artsSmoking is addictive, we know that now.  And it is terrible on your health and one of the hardest things to quit. You’ve heard it all before, but Toothbrush Confidential may have found the magic key.

Recently we heard Pete Holmes mention on his podcast You Made it Weird, that “smoking is like lighting a monument to no one telling  you what to do.” There’s something about the feeling of freedom, that you know it’s terribly unhealthy but no one is going to tell you what to do. This usually happens when you’re a teenager or in your early twenties. The act of smoking itself is not terribly enjoyable, or tasty,  yet once the addictive affects take hold it’s almost impossible to quit.

According to Health Canada more than 37,000 people will die this year alone in Canada due to smoking. We’re certain you’ve heard all about how smoking causes cancers, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It also affects your oral health. “Besides the well known dental stains, and bad breath that come with smoking you may also experience an increased risk for oral cancer, bone loss around your teeth, increased scar tissue”,    Heidi Doucette Willow Dental Care Hygienist. The greatest concern,  Doucette pointed out was “the gum tissue becomes hard, thick and fibrotic from the heat and smoke”.  At this point you may be notified that you have Perio disease (gum disease). This could eventually lead to tooth loss.   Remember in the old days when someone’s tooth just fell out for no reason. Who remembers that grandma never had teeth?

We know you’ve tried to quit before and it is terribly hard.  We may even have scared you enough to want to quit!  SO here is another incentive… A FREE OFFER!  Did you know that the BC government offers a FREE service and FREE stop smoking aids, to help you quit?   

The BC Government in association with BC Lung Association offers a personalized quit plan,   Besides FREE patches and gum that they give you, they offer text support, phone support and even counselling if you need. Seriously, this program has your back. The only thing you need to do is go to and start the program. They will help you choose a quit date that works for you.

I love getting quit tips on my smart phone.

Being a part of QuitNow is like having a quit support system wherever you are.

Odette Hidalgo, ex-smoker and Director, Gravity Inc. Vancouver

If you like, daily tips are emailed to you, to keep you on track. They will also help you decide your quit method and help you figure out your triggers and what you can do about them. The hardest part is managing your withdrawal. Why should you do that alone? will help you manage your withdrawal while they help you build your social support system.